Validate Access and manage Compliance for Qlik dashboards

Qlik Sense provides elaborate method for providing role based access using streams, apps, sheet, row and column based section access. However, there is no way to audit what the user is going to see in reality except by asking the user to share his screen. When a user complains about something, the Qlik champion has to go and reset the access.

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We believe Access validation in Qlik can be made proactive rather than reactive using Wowizer Data Access Auditor for Qlik

Our Story

As Qlik champions and admins, we scrambled when some user was unable to see the data he is supposed to see or worse still, has access to too much information that is not supposed to be shown to him. This became all the more complex as the access control worksheets were maintained by some other group in Enterprise and multiple rules were involved.

Our team started wondering how access could be handled proactively rather than asking the user to share his screen making it look unprofessional like we are throwing darts in the dark. This led to Wowizer Data Access Auditor for better user experience, compliance and governance.

Why use Wowizer Data Access Auditor for Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides a very granular stream, app, sheet, row and column level access control for dashboards using section access to ensure that each person or role can only see what they are supposed to see. However, this is a non-feedback loop.

Business Heads

Need to be sure that the development team has understood the requirement and deployed it right. Large organizations with multiple hierarchies could have scenarios with ambiguity on which rule will prevail.

Qlik champions

Struggle to ensure what they (or other developer) have implemented is right and has been deployed in production.

Data Protection Officers

Need Testing Evidence for regulations like GDPR

The risk of rolling out a dashboard without proper access and validation is just not worth it.

What can you do with Wowizer Data Access Auditor for Qlik


Wowizer Data Access Auditor comes as a wizard driven installable and runs locally

The Wowizer Data Access Auditor can be installed on any Physical or Virtual machine making it easy for customer to decide where to host. It should be able to communicate with your Qlik Sense Server.

We do not send out any of your data to the cloud. The only data collected by us is usage telemetry for license.
Once logged in, authorized admin will be able to experience the hub as it would appear for that particular user, thus being able to troubleshoot or audit it.
We support version September 2017 and higher. But if you have a particular version that is not supported, do let us know and we will do our best to get results back to you. Qlik Sense Enterprise SAAS is in roadmap for support.

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