Empowering Qlik Champions to proactively manage performance, governance and drive adoption

Enterprises make substantial investments in Qlik and then Qlik Champions are entrusted with the responsibility to derive value out of it in record time. WoWizer aspires to make this journey fast and fun for the Qlik Champions.

Our Story

As Qlik champions focused on delighting end users, we always wanted to be proactive to address any issues that affected the user experience and governance. Especially in large environments, several of the problems which were outside Qlik got attributed to us, simply due to lack of a simple way to analyze and demonstrate.

That is where the WoWizer suite was developed, first for our own use and then introduced to the Qlik community to help reap the same benefits.


WoWizer Telemetry & Performance Monitoring for Qlik

Proactively manage Qlik Performance and User Experience

WoWizer CMA Migration Accelerator

Embark on a transformative journey of Qlik Cloud using WoWizer Migration Accelerator for Qlik Cloud

WoWizer Cloud QMC

Task Chaining and more On-Prem functionality made available on SaaS

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