WoWizer Telemetry and Performance Monitoring for Qlik

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Proactively manage Qlik Performance
and User Experience

You have got the data right and developed the best dashboards! But users are facing random issues related or unrelated to Qlik and slowing down your adoption and scale up. Take control of Qlik user experience and drive adoption.

Why WoWizer Qlik Performance

Given our expertise in log analytics for other applications, we knew logs held the key and spend lot of effort to correlate them especially with logs from other devices. That’s where we build WoWizer Performance Monitoring, first for our own use. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for the Qlik champions like us and look forward to any feedback to make it better.


When you are proactive and know the problems before they occur, mean time to resolution doesn't just come down, it spirals down. And delight shoots up!!


As Qlik champion, you have already put in effort to integrate needed information, exceptions, experience in the workflow of user. WOWizer empowers you to ensure seamless availability.

User Experience

We are a platform for Qlik Champions to manage their Qlik CPU & RAM needs to give a great user experience by reducing bottlenecks.


Enable infrastructure planning with single view of where you need to add CPU and RAM with the increase in users, apps and data.

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