What Wowizer TPM uses

For real-time performance insights, Wowizer harnesses a select set of data available exclusively through logs, metrics and events. This access can be conveniently managed and customized within your Qlik Sense server.
To streamline troubleshooting, Wowizer TPM taps into Qlik Sense application logs, Windows event logs and Health Check metrics for Real time installs

Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive breakdown of the specific logs that Wowizer collects.

Qlik Sense logs:

Qlik Sense generates logs that contain a wealth of information about its services, events, errors, and other aspects of its operation. Some typical information found in Qlik Sense logs includes:

  1. Service Logs: Information about the services within Qlik Sense, such as the Engine service, Repository service, Scheduler service, and Proxy service. These logs often include service status, startup, shutdown, and any errors or warnings related to service operation.
  2. Application Logs: Information related to Qlik Sense applications, their reloading status, success, or failures, and any errors encountered during the data reload process.
  3. User Activity Logs: Logs detailing user interactions within Qlik Sense, including user logins, selections, and navigation through apps. These logs are useful for auditing and tracking user behavior.
  4. Security Logs: Records of security-related events, like failed login attempts, authentication events, and access control events. These logs help in identifying and responding to security threats or unauthorized access.
  5. Error Logs: Information on errors, warnings, and critical events that may disrupt the functioning of Qlik Sense services. These logs are crucial for diagnosing issues and troubleshooting.
  6. Performance Metrics: Logs capturing performance-related metrics like CPU and memory usage by Qlik Sense services, app loading times, and system resource consumption. These metrics are vital for optimizing system performance.
  7. Audit Logs: Logs that record user activities for compliance and auditing purposes. These logs can provide insights into who accessed what apps or objects and when.
  8. Reload Logs: Detailed information about tasks reloads and success or failure of the Task reload process.
  9. Custom Logs: Qlik Sense can be configured to generate custom logs specific to an organization’s needs, including additional metrics and events.

These logs are invaluable for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing the performance and security of your Qlik Sense environment. They can provide insights into system health, user behavior, and any issues that may arise during operations. Log analysis tools and platforms like Wowizer can help in centralizing, monitoring, and analyzing these logs effectively.

Windows Events logs #

Wowizer collects Windows Event logs from the Qlik Sense server using Winlogbeat. It effectively captures a diverse array of logs, encompassing::

  1. Application logs: Events related to applications running on the Windows system.
  2. System logs: Events related to the Windows operating system, including system startups, shutdowns, and system errors.
  3. Security logs: Events related to security, including logon and logoff activities, audit events, and security policy changes.
  4. Setup logs: Events related to system setup and configuration.
  5. Forwarded events: Events that are forwarded from other Windows systems.

Winlogbeat allows you to selectively capture specific log categories, logs from specific event sources, or events with specific event IDs, making it flexible and customizable for different monitoring and analysis needs.

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