User Telemetry

By using Wowizer for real-time user telemetry insights in Qlik Sense, you can create a more user-centric BI environment, improve performance, and make informed decisions that enhance user satisfaction and productivity. 

Wowizer provides comprehensive capabilities to explore and troubleshoot User Telemetry at a granular level, giving you an in-depth understanding of your Qlik Sense environment.

User Activities overview: Gain insights into user behavior by tracking the time spent on specific apps. This enables you to identify which apps are highly utilized and which ones might need optimization.

Gain valuable insights into system activity patterns and the time trends of user activities. This information allows you to optimize system resources effectively, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation.

App Performance Analysis: In-depth app performance analysis is made easy with Wowizer. Keep a close eye on app opening times, receiving real-time alerts for slow-loading apps.

Additionally, identify memory-hungry apps that may impact overall system performance. Wowizer empowers you to optimize app performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.

App Popularity Insights: Gain valuable insights into user preferences and app usage patterns. Wowizer allows you to assess app popularity, identifying frequently accessed apps and those that are underutilized.

This information can guide your decision-making process when optimizing your Qlik Sense environment, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently based on user demand.

Granular Method-Level Insights: When troubleshooting specific apps or users, Wowizer offers in-depth insights into user interactions within an app. You can delve into details like the time spent on various methods, the frequency of method invocations, and even pinpoint the specific objects where maximum usage is observed.

By analyzing this data in correlation with high CPU or memory utilization, you can identify anomalies at a granular level. This allows you to zero in on problematic methods or objects, facilitating precise tuning and optimization efforts to enhance overall performance.

With Wowizer’s User Telemetry, you can proactively optimize your Qlik Sense environment based on real usage patterns. This ensures a smoother user experience, efficient resource allocation, and enhanced performance across your BI platform.

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Updated on September 28, 2023