Getting Started with TPM

Wowizer is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, eliminating the need for virtual machines or manual setup.
Getting started with Wowizer is straightforward. Sign up for a free account with your organization details, and once verified, you’ll gain access to powerful monitoring tools for your Qlik Sense environment. Explore sample data to understand its capabilities and easily connect your logs.

The advantages include real-time insights, performance optimization, and proactive issue detection, all without the need for a credit card.

Getting started #

Here’s a guide on getting started with Wowizer:

1. Sign Up for an Account:

2. Register with Organization Details:

  • Register using your valid organization details and an official email ID.

3. Account Verification:

  • Once you’ve registered, your account will be verified. You can expect to receive further instructions via email within 24 hours.

4. Login and Explore:

  • After successful verification, log in to your Wowizer account. You can start exploring the platform immediately.
  • Check out the ‘Sample Data’ to get an idea of what’s available before you upload your own server data. You can find the sample analysis here.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to using Wowizer for monitoring and optimizing your Qlik Sense environment.

Analyze Qliksense Environment: #

Wowizer offers two essential modes for monitoring the performance and user telemetry of your Qlik Sense environment:

  1. Static Logs Mode (Historical Analysis): In this mode, Wowizer delves into historical log data, providing comprehensive insights into the performance and user behavior trends. This mode is valuable for in-depth analysis, helping you identify patterns, correlations, and anomalies over time. You can use it to understand long-term performance trends, historical resource utilization, and user interactions. This mode enables you to review past system conditions, making it beneficial for strategic planning and performance optimization.

    Refer Upload Historic logs section to know more.

  2. Real-time Mode (Immediate Insights): Real-time mode is geared towards instant awareness of your Qlik Sense environment. It continually monitors logs as they are generated, allowing for immediate detection of issues, anomalies, or user behavior trends as they happen.
    You can receive alerts in real time, empowering you to respond swiftly to emerging problems or opportunities. Real-time mode is particularly useful for addressing ongoing performance issues, ensuring a seamless user experience, and making immediate optimizations based on current conditions.

    Refer Realtime connection section to know more.

By offering these two distinct modes, Wowizer caters to a broad spectrum of monitoring needs, allowing users to choose the most appropriate strategy to suit their specific requirements and objectives. Whether you require historical context for long-term optimization or real-time alerts for immediate issue resolution, Wowizer has you covered.


Overall, Wowizer as a cloud SaaS solution simplifies Qlik Sense performance monitoring, offering scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency to enhance the user experience and optimize system performance.
If you have a large environment, typically with 10 nodes or more to monitor, please contact us at to explore the feasibility of an in-house setup.  

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