User Feedback Extension

Feedback Extension  #

Wowizer TPM provides a mechanism that allows users to submit feedback directly from the comfort of the app. When things go wrong, unaware admins are at the receiving end, not knowing when exactly the problem happened and what it is. Feedback extension plots the user feedback on the chart, giving context of the circumstances when the problem occurred.

Few examples

  • Data not updated
  • Dashboards not opening 
  • Charts not opening 
  • App sheets running slowly 
  • Others 

Whenever a user submits feedback, administrators receive an instant alert on their Microsoft Teams channel. Administrators can also see ‘dots’ on system metrics such as CPU, RAM, and Sessions, making it easy to identify if the system was stretched during that timeframe. 

This feature allows administrators to isolate the feedback time and correlate it with reloads or other user actions allowing them to explain what happened and take action.

Feedback Extension Installation steps #

Step 1: Import the Extension

  1. Download and Import the Qlik User Feedback Extension package in your Qlik Sense environment.

Step 2: Configuration

  1. Access the extension editor within the Dev Hub.
  2. Open the imported extension and locate the config.json file.
  3. In the config.json file, set your tenant’s unique stream ID.

Step 3: Enable the Extension in Your Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the dashboard where you wish to enable the Qlik User Feedback functionality.
  2. Open the specific sheet where you intend to incorporate the Qlik User Feedback Extension.
  3. In the Custom Objects section, locate and click on the “Extension” section.
  4. You will find the Qlik User Feedback Extension (qlik_user_feedback) listed among the available extensions.
  5. Select the Qlik User Feedback Extension and drag-drop it onto the canvas.

How can End Users Submit Feedback #

Let’s delve into the process of users submitting feedback through a Qlik Sense extension, wherein the feedback is relayed to Wowizer and initiates an alert to capture the administrator’s attention.

1. Locate the Feedback Extension on the Dashboard:

  • Access your Qlik Sense dashboard and identify the Feedback Extension, which serves as the user feedback mechanism.

2. Open the Feedback Submission Interface:

  • Click on the Feedback Extension to activate the feedback submission interface within your dashboard.

3. Complete the Feedback Form:

  • Choose the relevant category that best describes the nature of the issue or feedback you wish to provide.
  • Provide a detailed description of the problem or feedback in the provided form.

4. Incomplete Submissions:

  • In case user attempts to submit the form without filling in all the required fields, they will receive an error message instructing them to complete all necessary inputs.

5. Confirmation of Submission:

  • After successfully submitting user feedback through the Qlik Sense extension, user will receive a confirmation message, indicating that their feedback has been recorded.

6. Feedback Sent to Wowizer:

  • Simultaneously, your feedback is transmitted to Wowizer, where it is collected and stored for further analysis.

7. Alert to Admin:

  • User feedback triggers an automatic alert to the administrator attention through Wowizer. This ensures that administrators are promptly notified of user feedback for further consideration and action.

By following these steps, users can conveniently submit feedback through the Qlik Sense extension, with the added benefit of the feedback being sent to Wowizer and generating an alert for administrators to address the feedback effectively.

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