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Real-time Alerts in Wowizer #

Alerting is a critical component of maintaining a healthy Qlik Sense environment, proactively identifying anomalies and potential issues. Wowizer, a powerful performance monitoring tool, excels in this regard with tailored alerting capabilities for Qlik Sense. It continuously monitors CPU and memory usage, reload times, log flows, and user interactions, promptly triggering alerts when predefined thresholds or unusual patterns emerge.

These alerts serve as early warnings, enabling swift responses to emerging problems, preventing critical issues. Wowizer’s alerting feature offers comprehensive insights into the nature of problems, specifying affected components and their impact. By leveraging Wowizer’s alerts, organizations can optimize resources, reduce downtime, enhance user satisfaction, troubleshoot efficiently, and maintain a high-performing Qlik Sense environment.

When any predefined threshold is breached or an anomaly is detected, Wowizer Alerts immediately notify you, ensuring you can take swift action to maintain a high level of Qlik performance and user satisfaction. 

Webhook destination for receiving Alerts

To optimize the functionality of Wowizer Alerts, it’s crucial to establish a designated destination for receiving these alerts. A commonly chosen platform for this purpose is Microsoft Teams Channel notifications via Webhook. Below, we outline the steps for configuring a Teams Channel Webhook to receive Wowizer Alerts: 

Once configured, Wowizer will send alerts directly to your Teams channel, ensuring your team stays informed and can respond promptly to any performance issues. 

Alert Ruleset and Thresholds 

Wowizer provides a versatile alerting system that combines standard rule sets with customizable thresholds, allowing organizations to tailor alerting conditions to their unique business needs. With Wowizer’s standard rule set, you get a predefined set of alerting conditions that cover common scenarios, ensuring you have essential monitoring in place right from the start.

Node level Alerts:

  1. High CPU: Node level CPU usage exceeds the configured threshold (e.g., 90%).
  2. High RAM: Total RAM usage at the node level surpasses the configured memory limit.
  3. Disk Space: Disk usage has exceeded the predefined threshold ( e.g 90%)
  4. Node down : RIM Node getting down or lost connection.

App level Alerts:

  1. App CPU Usage: Alerts for apps exhibiting unusually high CPU consumption.
  2. App RAM Usage: Alerts for apps consuming excessive RAM.
  3. App Load Time: Alerts for slow app loading.

General Alerts:

  1. Error/Warning: Notifications for a high count of errors or warnings.
  2. Process down: Engine/ Repository/ Scheduler or any Qlik service going down.
  3. Failed Task: Single or multiple Tasks failed.
  4. Active Users: Alerts if the active user count surpasses a threshold.

Technical Alerts

  1. Methods Performance: Alerts for methods with extended processing times or high memory usage.
  2. Object Performance: Alerts for objects with slow processing times or high memory usage.
  3. Active Sessions: Alerts for an excessive number of active sessions by user ( >5).
  4. Failed Methods: Alerts for hosts with a high number of failed methods.

Customize Alerts

What sets Wowizer apart is its flexibility. It allows you to fine-tune alerting thresholds to align with your specific requirements. Whether you need to set stricter performance benchmarks or adapt alerting conditions to suit your application landscape, Wowizer empowers you to do so with ease.

This customization capability ensures that you receive alerts precisely when your environment deviates from the desired performance standards, avoiding unnecessary notifications and alert fatigue. By combining standard rule sets with customizable thresholds, Wowizer provides a comprehensive yet adaptable alerting solution that helps you maintain the optimal health and performance of your Qlik Sense deployment.

The Wowizer Alerting Condition Builder is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to simplify the creation of precise alerting conditions tailored to your monitoring needs.
With its intuitive interface, users can easily configure complex alert criteria without requiring extensive technical expertise. The builder offers smart auto-suggestions, helping users select field names and values more efficiently while minimizing the risk of syntax errors.

Alert masking & consolidation

Wowizer’s alert masking is an essential strategy in managing Wowizer-triggered alerts to prevent unnecessary notification overload, ensuring that only the most critical alerts reach your team, reducing noise, and maintaining focus on actionable insights. However, it’s important to note that all alerts are still captured on the alerting dashboard. 

Multiple alerts are consolidated within a single notification. 

In conclusion, Wowizer Alerts empower organizations to proactively manage Qlik performance and user experience. By configuring, managing, and customizing these alerts, you can ensure that your Qlik environment operates at its best, providing your users with the insights they need to drive your business forward. With Wowizer Alerts, you can stay ahead of potential

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